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General information.

Systemhouse Mobach bv is a supplier of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We offer our customers many products and services relating to UNIX and GNU/Linux computers, networks, Internet access, security, software development and consultancy. You can read more about this at the Company page.


Our products are grouped into two areas : the UNIX and GNU/Linux computers and network security.

For UNIX and GNU/Linux, we offer the following :

  • consultancy and system management

For network security, we offer :

  • Firewalls: Securing servers and networks against dangers from inside and outside
  • VPN: Virtual Private Networks for strongly securing Wide Area Network over (partly) public networks like the Internet
  • DMZ: Demilitarized zone, being a bufferzone between networks with different security levels, such as an internal network and the Internet

Research and development.

It is not possible to be at the forefront of the ICT industry without spending significant resources on research and development. We do this not just for the development of our own products but also for others. Some results of our R & D program are listed on this page in the paragraphs Products and Services. Our R & D program regularly adapts to changing circumstances.

Sales to us.

We aren't interested in operating systems of a twice convicted monopolist. Putting it simply, we will ignore any supplier offering x86 based computers with only Microsoft operating systems and/or software, as we require choice. That's why we won't advise and we won't buy Intel-based computer systems from Compaq (now HP), Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, IBM and the likes.

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If you are looking for a Mobach company other than Systemhouse Mobach bv, take a look at our special website At that website we publish data made available to us. If the company you seek is not there, we're sorry. When you find the information you seek elsewhere, we would be grateful if you would ask that company to send their information to us, so that we can publish it.


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