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Systemhouse Mobach bv is a supplier of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The company offers her customers many products and services related to UNIX and GNU/Linux computers, networks, Internet access, security, software development and consultancy.

Systemhouse Mobach bv, founded in 1979, is known for her concentration on long standing relations with her customers. Under which remarkebly many big organizations are found in goverment, industry, insurance, finance and computers. The small team of dedicated employees has proven to produce and maintain a broad offer of quality products and services.

Primary goals.

Our company is concentrating on the servers and the networks with which those servers are connected to each other and to workstations. Keywords are stability, scalability, reliability and security. These keywords are the foundation of all our activities from the founding of a project and they keep playing this role during the whole lifetime of that project. Life cycles ranging from 5 till more than 15 years are usual, and during the whole life cycle we will deliver the support you need. This quality is only possible when the underlaying platform meets the requirements for stability, scalability, reliability and security. And that we just use UNIX and GNU/Linux computers.

To realize this promised quality we spend a lot of time and effort on research and development (R & D), reason for us to dedicate some webpages on this topic. As can be read there most of said research is dedicated to software. However, that can reach the lower levels like in the case of by example "embedded software".

Secondary activities.

Secondary but not unimportant are memberships of organizations like the NLUUG (UNIX User Group, the Netherlands) and the Dutch GNU/Linux Group and also the positive contributions we try to deliver to them.

Also sometimes we deliver lectures to these unions, congresses and companies. More on that can be found at the website


Not being the only in the know we prefer to cooperate with collegues, whose knowledge is a welcome addition to our own knowledge. We are already for years cooperating with System And Network Engineering Group at the University of Amsterdam.

Our success formula.

Our success formula is based upon some distinguishing factors :

  • our focus on stability, scalability, reliability and security
  • craftmanship and creativity
  • acknowledging the primary interest is the customer's interest
  • knowledge transfer to the customer
  • if desired fixed price based offers

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