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Virtual Private Network (VPN) overview.

Virtual Private Networks enables the connection of remote networks to the local network as if the remote networks are part of the local network. This connection is possible over public networks like the Internet, while the data trafficing the public networks is not readable for outsiders. That has been made possible by strong encryption of the data, as has been made possible by IPSec. And IPSec is the international standard in this area.

In this way home workers and employees in remote offices can use all the functionality of servers at the headquarter as if they were located there. Services like e-mail, printers, file sharing and you-name-it.

Security ?

Security can only be reached by appropriate countermeasures, under which at least the daily check of their status. Every day, 7 days a week. That's why these VPN systems always include a firewall, which can be configured securily after a detailed study of your needs in such a way that crackers will prefer to go elsewhere.

VPN architectuur

Free Software.

Our VPN systems are build of standard components and Free Software, amongst others GNU/Linux and FreeS/WAN. The developpers of these software packages have proven in the past to build good and reliable software. And that security fixes will come very soon, sometimes within some hours. Another appreciated thing of this software is that no additional fees are charged for extra users

Possible usage.

VPN systems should be used in every situation where secret data traffic is a conditio sine qua non (a must). Like in the case of home workers, or remote offices, or even trusted partners. Actually in any small or big organization with which you communicate from your local network in a trustworthy way. Because of the flexability of the used standard components, the VPN devices can also do the job of the firewall and the router for an ISDN or leased line connection.

At every location where one or more VPN connections are needed just one VPN system has to be installed. So for the first VPN connection from your headquarter to a remote location you need two VPN systems, for the second connection you need three VPN systems and so on.

VPN configurations can very well be used in combination with thin client solutions at the desktop of the home workers and employees at remote offices. When using thin clients the factual data processing takes place at the (central) server and thus data files are not transmitted from the server to the thin client and from the thin client to the server, but only the keyboard and mouse input and the screen output have to be transmitted. In many situations this can save you bandwidth of your telecommunication connection and the cost.

High availability.

Organizations which can't afford the possible downtime of all of their VPN connections in case of a VPN system breakage at their headquarter we can offer our high-availability solution with the introduction of a backup VPN server. In case of a failure of the primary server the backup server will take over the existing connections within seconds. Most of your employees won't even notice.

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