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Firewall overview.

An Internet connection without a good and well maintained firewall is like begging for problems. Even the daily newspapers are publishing nowadays about problems with fancy names like Code-Red and Nimda, tricky small programms that use security vulnerabilities in Windows computers. The Internet suffers from these programms. Without adequate security measures also your computers can be part of the problem.

Even more riscs.

Any organization is threated with even more riscs, like the possibility that crackers can use data copied from your computers for their own benefit or can use your computers to attack third parties computers. The above mentioned Code-Red and Nimda are doing exactly that.

Security ?

Security can only be reached by appropriate countermeasures, under which the at least daily check of their status. Every day, 7 days a week. The base of these countermeasures is the firewall, which can be configured securily after a detailed study of your needs in such a way that crackers will prefer to go elsewhere.

Placement of the firewall

Free Software.

Our firewalls are build of standard components and Free Software, amongst others GNU/Linux. The developpers of Linux have proven in the past to build good and reliable software. And that security fixes will come very soon, sometimes within some hours. Another appreciated thing of this software is that no additional fees are charged for extra users.

Possible usage.

The firewalls can be used where networks with different security levels meet eachother, like the internal network and the Internet. In that particular case the firewall often can, because of the flexability of the used standard components, also do the job of the router for an ISDN or leased line connection.

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