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Our products are grouped around two topics :


UNIX en GNU/Linux products.

For UNIX and GNU/Linux the available products are :

  • System and network administration for heterogeneous environments.


Network products.

For network security the available products are :

  • Firewalls, which block dangerous traffic from the Internet and internal networks.

    These firewalls are build of standard components and Free Software like GNU/Linux. Both building blocks results in the low production costs of these firewalls.

  • VPN's, with which you create your own world wide network.

    With these VPN devices strongly secured connections via public networks like the internet can be created. In this way your local network and remote private networks are coupled to one Virtual Private Network.

  • DMZ's, heavily secured network zones with access for others.

    Our DMZ consists of at least two firewalls with between these two a server computer to offer services to others on the Internet. The flexible architecture permits an unlimited grow in services offered.

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